Lumiere 3D and Blister Pack

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Lumiere 3D Adhesive & Dimensional Metallic Paint

Lumiere 3D is a dimensional, metallic/pearlescent paint that doubles as a powerful adhesive. Use Lumiere 3D as a bead glue, shoe glue, a super-strong fabric glue or to firmly attach ‘jewels’ or other objects to practically any surface. Based on our popular Lumiere line, this dimensional paint is perfect for embellishing, painting and writing on T-shirts, greeting cards, scrapbooks, fabric, ribbon, leather, gourds, shoes, yard art, cell phones and much more! Lumiere 3D can be used directly from the bottle or with the addition of our fine line tips. It is completely washable after drying 72 hours.

natural and synthetic fabric, paper, wood, clay, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, leather and more

Size - 25 Colors

 1 fl oz/29.57 ml

 (Item JDP1)
 Open stock

 1 fl oz/29.57 ml  (Item JDP0)
 Carded Individual Colors*
 with 3 plastic tips 

Also available

Lumiere 3D Clear 1 oz

Lumiere 3D Clear
Powerful and flexible adhesive for fabric and other surfaces. Also used as an extender for Lumiere 3D and a binder for Pearl Ex.

Plastic tips
3 pack sets for fine line detail
tip sizes: .5mm, .7mm and .9mm


*Indicates 9 colors available in peggable packs     

JDP200 Clear Swatch

200 Clear* JDP207 Lemon swatch 207 Lemon JDP214 Rich Red swatch 214 Rich Red* JDP221 Lime swatch 221 Lime
JDP201 Pearl swatch 201 Pearl* JDP208 Sun Yellow swatch 208 Sun Yellow JDP215 Burgundy swatch 215 Burgundy JDP222 Emerald swatch 222 Emerald*
JDP202 Gold Pearl swatch 202 Gold Pearl JDP209 Poppy swatch 209 Poppy JDP216 Lavender swatch 216 Lavender JDP223 Brass swatch 223 Brass
JDP203 Bright Gold swatch 203 Bright Gold* JDP210 Bright Copper swatch 210 Bright Copper* JDP217 Purple swatch 217 Purple* JDP224 Black swatch 224 Black
JDP204 Warm Gold swatch 204 Warm Gold JDP211 Copper swatch 211 Copper JDP218 Turquoise swatch 218 Turquoise    
JDP205 Sparkle Silver swatch 205 Sparkle Silver JDP212 Pink swatch 212 Pink JDP219 Blue swatch 219 Blue*    
JDP206 Steel swatch 206 Steel* JDP213 Coral Red swatch 213 Coral Red JDP220 Periwinkle swatch 220 Periwinkle