iPrint Ribbon™

Easily customize and print ribbon at home or business with our unique, specially treated, paper-backed ribbon! Design and print the ribbon using your favorite graphics/page layout program. Trim the paper-backed ribbon to the size desired, and print the design on the ribbon using an inkjet printer. The ribbon remains soft after printing, easily removes from the 8-1/2" paper backing and leaves no residue. iPrint Ribbon™ is 100% Polyester.

Great for: crafts, fashion, sports, cheerleading, scrapbooking, home decor, gifts, special occasions and more!

Note: Printed ribbon is NOT washfast.

Girl with printed hair ribbonSizes - 12 Colors, 2 widths
ALL Colors:
7/8" w x 3 yds (Item IPR03)
7/8" w x 10 yds (Item IPR10)

White and Ivory ONLY
1.5" w x 3 yds (Item IPRW03)
1.5" w x 10 yds (Item IPRW10)



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*01 White and 02 Ivory are the only colors offered for 1.5" wide ribbon.

JIP007 White swatch 01 White* JIP008 Gold swatch 04 Gold JIP006 Iris swatch 07 Iris JIP010 Blue swatch 10 Blue
JIP001 Ivory swatch 02 Ivory* JIP003 Pink swatch 05 Pink JIP012 Purple swatch 08 Purple JIP005 Sage swatch 11 Sage
JIP002 Maize swatch 03 Maize JIP009 Red swatch 06 Red JIP004 Baby Blue swatch 09 Baby Blue JIP011 Green swatch 12 Green