xxxAllie Pisarro-Grant

Allie Pisarro-Grant

Allie Pisarro-Grant utilizes historical strategies to explore the subjectivity of the artist and the autonomy of the artwork.

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xxxAndrea Bergart

Andrea Bergart

Andrea’s paintings reference diverse visual traditions, including African textiles, urban fashion and geometric abstraction.

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xxxApril Sproule

April Sproule

April is an award-winning textile artist who enjoys fabric dyeing, painting, block printing, quilting & hand embroidery.

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xxxBetty Busby

Betty Busby

Betty’s paintings on silk and paper are inspired by nature and the microscopic world.

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xxxBJ Parady

BJ Parady

Pieces made of fabric and thread inspired by the landscape of midwest America.

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xxxBrainstorm Print and Design

Brainstorm Print and Design

This illustration and printmaking team creates art prints to charm, humor, and educate.

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xxxCelia Buchanan

Celia Buchanan

Celia's chosen medium is silk painting and mixed media.

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xxxChris Taylor

Chris Taylor

A selection of gorgeous batiks from award winning multimedia artist Chris Taylor.

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xxxClay Hickson

Clay Hickson

Clay Hickson is a freelance Illustrator and Printmaker living and working in Chicago, IL.

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xxxDarian Goldin Stahl

Darian Goldin Stahl

Darian’s prints explore living with chronic illness and focus on merging the internal thoughts of a diagnosis with everyday lived experiences.

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xxxDiane Ericson

Diane Ericson

Diane's creative techniques have raised stenciling from simple craft into the realm of fine fiber art.

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xxxelinor peace bailey

elinor peace bailey

Can you spot the real elinor? (hint: look for a big red hat!)

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xxxElizabeth Jaeger

Elizabeth Jaeger

Elizabeth's work explores narrative gestures of the figure, and ranges from sculpture to book making, clothing and silk painting.

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xxxGiven Campbell

Given Campbell

Beautiful hand screened wallpapers using Versatex Screen Inks.

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xxxJill Miller

Jill Miller

Scrapbooking, scrapbooking, scrapbooking!

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xxxJuliana Lazzaro

Juliana Lazzaro

Juliana Lazzaro has expanded her work from the plane of the canvas to hand painted original works on select garments.

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xxxJulie Cox Hamm

Julie Cox Hamm

Her silk painting has been shown at the Smithsonian Institution and is featured in the fashion of designer Abi Ferrin.

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xxxJune Rollins

June Rollins

Using no pre-planned sketches or brushes Dreamscapes using Piñata Alcohol Inks on ceramic tiles seem to emerge on their own.

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xxxKaren Sistek

Karen Sistek

Painting flowers from the "bug's eye view"—big & bold!

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xxxLinda Gass

Linda Gass

Linda creates topo landscapes on silk, inspired by connections between humans and the water and land that sustains them.

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xxxLynda Watkins

Lynda Watkins

Handcrafted polymer clay sculptures and jewelry.

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xxxLynn Krucke

Lynn Krucke

Scrapbooking, card art, journal embellishment, and more.

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xxxMarcy Tilton

Marcy Tilton

Original designs featuring embellishments and surface design.

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xxxMargriet Seinen

Margriet Seinen

Margriet’s silk paintings range from fantasy to photorealism.

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xxxMarie Segal

Marie Segal

Polymer clay beads, jewelry, and figurative pieces.

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xxxMelony Bradly

Melony Bradly

Extraordinary mixed media for home decor, fashion, and more...

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xxxMJ Kinman

MJ Kinman

MJ Kinman is a textile artist specializing in multi-dimensional, fractal gem quiltwork, featuring Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow.

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xxxNatasha Foucault

Natasha Foucault

Silk painting and wearable art.

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xxxPatti Medaris Culea

Patti Medaris Culea

Altered books and dolls.

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xxxPeeta Tinay

Peeta Tinay

Peeta’s custom woven basketry is enhanced by splashes of color.

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xxxPoison Apple Printshop

Poison Apple Printshop

The darkly unique printshop offers original screen prints, patches, and clothing.

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xxxRebecca Crowell

Rebecca Crowell

Oil and cold wax abstracts hinting of landscape and nature.

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xxxSayra Adams

Sayra Adams

Sayra Adams loves color! And wool! It shows - have a look...

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xxxSherrill Kahn

Sherrill Kahn

Fiberart, clay art, rubber stamping and more.

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xxxSyndee Holt

Syndee Holt

Polymer clay with Piñata, Pearl Ex, Lumiere, etc.

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xxxTeresa Goins

Teresa Goins

Teresa's elegant hand painted textiles, that often contain repeats, are well suited to a wide variety of design situations.

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xxxTina Gleave

Tina Gleave

Tina is a lifetime artist who brings to life the world around her through silk painting.

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xxxVicente Gonzalez

Vicente Gonzalez

Vicente works on larger pointillistic paintings, using metallic paints and pearlescent powders.

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xxxWayne Vaughn

Wayne Vaughn

Wayne is a builder, musician and sculptor of bold, geometric, large-scale works.

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