Batik on Silk with Procion MX dyes
  • Hi!
    im using the procion mx dyes for silk batik techniques. However the procedure states that the fabric must be immersed in very hot water if silk is to be dyed. this would melt the wax from the fabric, and hence the entire effort would be wasted. What would happen if i cool the dye bath before dying the silk? would the intensity of colours be lost??

    Could you please tell the exact method of using procion dyes on SILK for BATIKS?

  • If you use the same soda ash recipe for dyeing silk that you do for dyeing cotton, as I usually do, your minimum temperature for the dyebath is 70°F (21°C.) It's only acid dyes that require heat on silk.

    Procion MX dyes can be used as acid dyes on silk, if you use vinegar or citric acid instead of soda ash, but, unlike wool, silk tolerates the high pH of the soda ash quite well. Just use the recipe for batiking cotton and you should be fine.

  • Thanks! really appreciate the help!