newbie question
  • I hope someone out there can help. I made a newbie mistake. I am dyeing cotton and mixed the soda ash, salt and dye together. obviously I didn't read the instructions very clearly :( My question is do I have to waste that batch or can I still use it? I would hate to throw away dye and soda ash. I haven't added water yet but obviously all ingredients are mixed at this point. Please help!

    Thanks for your comments!!!!

  • Hi Tonya,

    You can still use the mixture you have, however, the sooner the better. Once you have added the water to the mix you need to use it ASAP as the moment the water is added the dye begins to react with the soda ash and it takes only about one hour in an immersion situation for the dye to completely react.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks Annette! I haven't added water yet. Will I still need to do the separate soda ash step?

    thanks for the help!
  • It won't be necessary to presoak the cotton as you have the soda ash in the mix already. If you are tie dyeing you will want to work quickly, perhaps mixing the water in just before you apply each color.