Safe to add boiling water to my washing machine?
  • I want to dye some linen clothes a deep olive, but don't want to buy a special pot. Will it hurt my washing machine if I add a few gallons of boiling water to the hot load as I dye? When should I add it?
  • Why not use a cool water fiber reactive dye, such as Procion MX dye? Nothing else works better. A hot water dye is unlikely to be as long-lasting on your linen.

    Excessively hot water might be bad for the gaskets in your washing machine, since washing machines in the US are generally manufactured to be good only up to about 140°F. We can't tell whether or not it's a bad idea to exceed that temperature, until it's too late.

  • Thanks! I went ahead and did the Idye last night, adding a few gallons of very hot - not boiling - water to the hot load. Clothes are a beautiful deep olive.

    Now I have some other questions:
    If I use a synthaprol or Idye Color Remover to get out excess dye, will I lose my beautiful color?
    Or should I try heat setting them in the microwave?
  • I think you should use a cationic dye fixative, such as Retayne, to set the direct dye you used. Direct dyes tend to be poorly washfast without this sort of treatment.

  • I notice from a you tube vid from jacquard that anything above the standard 140 temp of a wash Mach will produce good intense results so hence forth stove top dyeing is required however will there not be fumes at this temp and above ...wear a mask? Needs to be outside? As I'm guessing if it were done inside it could get messy? I'm thinking if you got you're wash Mach to go up past 140 to 160 you'd have a room like a sauna and various other stuff malfunction ,!
  • Are you working with iDye? iDye Poly? Some other dye? What fabric type are you dyeing? Let us know, we will be better able to answer your questions.

  • Idye or idye polly as really better results can be had by boiling at above 140 ie standard wash mach temp. Though this means stove top dyeing and am presuming that once you get to 155 you're going to get fumes comeing of ...necessary to wear a mask? Was even wondering about dyeing in a tea earn as I think they stay boiling and you could put lid on it , there is about two wash mach out there that do 155 and above but they're expensive,thanks Annette ,any thoughts?
  • I'll be buying the best fabric for dyeing that will accept the dye best , I think is 100% cotton?
  • Hi there,

    Well, as you are working with 100% cotton Procion MX would be my first recommendation with iDye for Natural Fibers as a close second.
    With the Procion MX it is not necessary to use high temperatures to get good deep tones. You simply need the dye, soda ash and a pot big enough to allow you fabric to move freely. If you choose to use the iDye then the higher temperatures to help ensure a deeper tone, but unless you are dyeing a very dark color the temperatures available to your washing machine should suffice.
    Here are the links to the two different dyes - you will find complete instructions which will give you the run down on the process for each.
  • Thanks Anet for your information that is very helpfull , but just to clarify & appologies in advance for the long draft but its very important & I'm basically trying to get the best from the idye products the truest and best colours results I can from Iether dark or light colours ie anything and everything from dark colours ie navy blue to light colours eg lilac . As I mention I saw a video on you tube that suggested that the highest temperatures would make the best colours (but it may have been that he was referring to the colour he was doing which was a dark purple) as you say it helps for dark colours. So to clarify if its a dark colour then the temp is a factor & if it a light colour high temp not as important , but will I still get the best from the colour?
  • Hi again,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the dye you'll be using.
    When dyeing with the iDye for natural fibers heat is always going to be a factor. However, if you can increase the temperature of your hot water heater to around 140° F (being sure to inform the rest of the people in your household of the increase) you will get good results.
    Because a temp of 140° F can cause burns on skin we do suggest caution when increasing the temperature.
    Alternatively you can use the stove top method - bringing the temps to near boiling, about 190° - 200° F and this will ensure the very best results every time.

  • Hi Annette, no worrys there I''m over 40 and have a qualification in health n safety first aid etc anyway good to point that out shows how responsible the company is. Ok so the last question now ,if I do it stove top at high temps from anything from 120 up to 200 etc is a mask required ? Much appreciated Annette
  • You won't need a mask, but I always use my vent fan if I am dyeing in the kitchen. When I work outside with my camp stove I don't bother with a fan.

  • Hi
    Annette ,thanks for your help & sorry to ask again but just wanted to double check that any fumes given off at high temps upto 200 are ok and no mask required when useing idye or idye poly, many thanks
  • Hi Thing,

    As I mentioned in my previous post, you will want to use your vent fan and/or open windows as, particularly with the iDye Poly, there is an odor that some find unpleasant. Some folks have reported that a mask helps with the smell, however, so long as you exercise 'good housekeeping' and 'common sense' (ie. don't hang your head over the pot and breath the vapors) a mask is not necessary.