Using Dye-Na-Flow on silk/wool fabric
  • I've been using Dye-Na-Flow for painting silk scarves and would like to start painting silk/wool blend scarves. So I am looking for any advice, instructions or tutorials that would be helpful since the paint will flow differently on this fabric blend. Also, can water based resist be used opn the silk/wool blend?
    Thank you.
  • Hi there,

    There may be someone out there reading these forums that has personal experience working with silk/wool blends.
    Although I've not any experience I can give you a little help in regard to the water based resist - what you'll want to watch for is full penetration of the resist through the fabric. Because silk is often so thin the resist penetrates easily, this may not be the case with the blended fabric.
    Regarding the use of Dye-Na-Flow on this different fabric your best bet may simply be some test painting.

    hope this helps
  • Thank you Annette.
  • I just experimented to get an answer for this question, it may be too late for Yarnspinner, but I suspect some others may benefit from this.

    I took two swatches of the silk-wool blend fabric we have both in yardage and scarves here at Dharma.
    I dipped them into DyeNaFlow color 803.
    20 hours later, heat set with an iron (I'm a good girl, I did it for almost 2 minutes, 2 layers thick).
    Without waiting further, I then washed the swatches with soap and water, just regular bathroom hand liquid soap.
    Before washing, the ironed painted fabric had a somewhat painty hand, after washing and ironing again (hasty I can sometimes be, I didn't wait for them to dry), SOFT BRIGHT super results.

    Bottom line, great solution, no color loss, I'd go one step further and do a Milsoft rinse to restore the silky softenss to the fabric, but as is I'm very excited that this would be a great shibori coloring or handpainting product, or just plain use it as a dye.
  • By the way, I am a fan of Versatex No-Heat Fixative, but I'd have waited for days before washing it out if I use that for setting the paint, and I wanted results today.
  • cool! Larualee - you are a machine!!
    Thanks for testing this out - and for everyone out there who might be wondering what's a Dharma - just one of the best sources for all things fiber art related - that's what!