Rayon 63%, metallic 19%, nylon 18% in need of rebirth in colouring ..help!
  • Hi. I need a master dyer to assist me with this one. I have this favourite lime green metallic sweater. Recently it came into contact with chilli. I made the mistake of soaking & now yummy lime colour has orange discolourations. I want to re-dye but alas I am a newbie at this. I ultimately would like to reverse the mistake & go back to lime green but if getting an even recolour is impossible then doing another colour (bright) is worth settling on as its such a "everyone comments on" top. I am not sure what colour I should use as the base colour is lime in some parts & wash out orange in other parts. I am worried using an orange or a pink would a high variance of colour. It is 63% Rayon, 19% metallic (although less now after a few washes), 18% nylon combo. I am also concerned of temperatures & setting combinations (to do salt or vinegar or both?). Please help me in solving this dilemma. Can you also recommend which dye product to use.
  • Hi AJgirle,

    Yikes! You've got a little conundrum.
    First, I'd like to address a potential problem. Because of the fiber content and the necessity for high temperatures during the stain removal and the redyeing I would have considerable concern about trying to redye this particular piece of clothing. In particular I would be concerned that the metallic content of the fiber would be ruined.
    Because I don't know the extent of the staining I'm not sure this would work, but an alternative to redyeing the whole sweater might be to artfully paint designs over and around the stained areas using one of the Lumiere colors. These are a metallic paint which have high opacity and will work well to cover the stains.
    If you still want to consider removing the stains and redyeing I recommend reviewing the information for Color Remover and iDye & iDye Poly.
    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

    good luck!
  • I was worried about that. It would be hard to paint over as the wash out has blended most of around neckline & front like a big dribble that spreads around the front & a bit on the sleeves. But is original lime colour is still around top part sleeves, sides, back & on the band. Can you explain what would happen to the metallic content?
  • Hi again,

    I can't tell you exactly what might happen to the the metallic content as we aren't sure what the metal is, or if it is really even metal. However, I suspect that the thiox in the Color Remover would at the very least tarnish the metallic threads.

    hope this helps