Pearl Ex and "Painting" miniatures
  • Hi! I wanted to share this with everyone. I have great fun with Pearl Ex pigments and "painting" miniatures. No, I don't mix them into a medium. I apply them dry and then apply a sealer.

    I have gotten fantastic results on armor.



    And I've expanded the technique to fantasy animals. I just completed a "black griffon" using Pearl Ex and his colors depend on the lighting.

    Under bright, direct light he can be quite bold.


    Because I used duo and interference colors, if I change the angle, different colors come to the fore.


    And if I take him outside, he looks completely different again!


    My goal painting him was to create something similar to a Raven or a Crow. When these birds stand in the bright sunlight, you can see all sorts of hues, purple, blue, green, etc. in their feathers.


    I was very pleased with the way he turned out and so was the person who bought him. I was surprised when someone snapped him up quickly.

    Metallic paints are most often used in miniature painting. As far as I know, no one has ever used dry metallic pigments. Someone asked me why I didn't use paints and to me the pigments give an entirely different effect. Metallic paint is also "heavy" for lack of a better term, with Pearl Ex I can vary the application.

    On the knight's armor, I used Antique Silver where the color needed to be darker and regular Silver for highlights. On the griffon, there are actually several layers of color and many places where I blended the pigments together on the model.

    Currently I am working on a dragon for a competition entry. We shall see how he turns out. Keep your fingers crossed!

    If anyone wants info on how I did this, just give me a shout. I'm happy to help!


  • Your griffon turned out extraordinary! Which pigments did you use on him? And did you paint his feathers all black before you began, then let it show through in places?
  • Beautiful!
  • Hi mashell and Asher - thank you both!

    mashell, I did start with all black feathers. I actually have a couple of layers on him. I used True Blue and then blended Sky Blue on the edges of the large feathers. I alternated colors on the second row of feathers with Duo Blue Green and Mink.
    I don't use a brush to apply them - they get really messy with brushes. I use a tool I found on Dick Blick called Colour Shapers. It's a rubber applicator and they come in different shapes and sizes. I can apply the metallic pigments and blend them together. Then I seal them with an aerosol sealer.