• Hey everyone I'm Ivy and I like to make costumes.
    I'm currently making Bombalurina from the musical cats.

    I was wondering whats the best dye to use for nylon, and Lycra unitard.
    I want to keep the natureal sheen of the unitard. But I only want to dye certain parts. Is there dye thickener I could use to paint it on or a way to get rid of any color I don't want but still keep the sheen.
    Also what methods of none steam setting, setting could I do to set the dye.
  • You can use Jacquard Acid dyes, with a thickener and then steam set. The instructions can be found here:http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dyes/aciddye/instructions4.php

    You could also use Dye-Na-Flow which is a paint, rather than a dye, and is heat set with an iron. It is flowable and transparent, so you will probably keep some/most of the sheen of the fabric. You could use No Flow as a surface treatment to slow down the flow of the paint.

    You'll want to do some testing first since individual applications vary.