• i have some nylon slips that i want to tie dye. i've read instructions on dying using idye poly but i'm not sure i understand. can you help me with best way to tie dye nylon article? many thanks...
  • iDye and idye Poly are not meant to be used for tie dyeing. They are for immersion dyeing fabrics in the washing machine or stove top. Procion MX dyes can be used for tie dyeing natural fiber garments only.

    iDye Poly, especially, has to be done via the stove top method. You could try binding the fabric and boiling it on the stove top for a 1 color tie dye look. Otherwise, you can experiment with using a waterbased, flowable, heat set fabric paint, such as Dye-Na-Flow to create a tie dyed look.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Thanks so much for your response. I am going to try to bind the article and follow stovetop directions. Do I need to add salt or vinegar? And is Dy Na Flow good to use on nylon?
  • You're welcome. Dye-Na-Flow (and our other waterbased fabric paints) can be used on both natural and synthetic fabrics, which includes nylon.

  • Great! I recently bought some Dye-Na-Flow... time to experiment ;)