Color Mixing Green Label
  • Hello! :D
    I am using the green label dyes (and love them!) and I need suggestions for mixing a very light skin tone color. I am putting a woman's face on the silk. I would like a suggestion for caucasian. I know everyone's ideas are subjective but I don't even know where to start with this one. Thanks a bunch for your suggestions.

  • Achieving skin tones is very difficult. Our chemist recommends that you get 2oz of #703 Yellow, #715 Magenta and #725 Cyan and dilute them 20 to 1. The next step would be to use a dropper and start mixing various combinations of the 3 colors until the visual look of the dye in solution is close to what you want. Then you'll need to apply the dye to the silk, set it and rinse it to see if you have achieved the look that you are going for. Since this process is quite complex, you could very well go through all of the diluted mixture trying to come up with a match. We wish you good luck in your experimenting!

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it. Off to work, LOL

  • The formula you gave me for flesh tone worked very well. It is an extremely light shade but the fabric is not white. In the next batch I will probably dilute it 15 to 1 instead. So if anyone ever asks this questions again, you know that the formula you gave me wotks!

    :) Kelly
  • Kelly,

    Thanks for sharing your results! We'll make note:)