How to dye a polyester chiffon ombre pink?
  • My daughter fell in love with a dress she would like to wear to her prom, but it requires a light to darker pink ombre chiffon. I have not found a source to buy an ombre chiffon.

    I can buy a suitable and affordable light pink polyester chiffon, but is there a way to dye it to create the ombre effect? I am not sure polyester chiffon would hold up well being boiled in idye poly, but that is the only dye I have found which is made for polyester.

    If polyester is not feasible, I could look into silk chiffon but that is much more expensive and I would still need help on how to do the ombre shading.

    I hope someone can help! Thanks.
  • Hello,
    Idye poly is definitely the way to go with this to keep your costs down. I found a link to Ombre dyeing technique on Dharma Tradings website see below. If you chose silk you can use either Procion or acid dyes.
    Good luck Celia
  • If you want to chance it, you can try to dye them, but chances are it will not be very successful. Why not just enjoy the blue ones and look for a pair of black ones on sale. Good luck.
  • I got decent results using Jacquard's iDye poly. Celia posts a great tutorial, you'll just have to modify it a little bit because the iDye works best on the stovetop. I posted my process here:
  • thanks, akilzer!
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