Can I lighten black nylon shin guards?
  • Hello, I hope I am putting this in the right place, don't see where else that I could.

    I have never really worked with coloring fabrics.

    I have a pair of shinguards that are black, REALLY black. And I have been looking for ways to lighten them up so they don't absorb so much heat. But I cannot risk deteriorating the strength in any way.

    Neutrals or earth tones are what I am aiming for. So anywhere from white (yeah right..) to gray to tan. So what kind of options do I have, if any?

    It doesn't need to look pretty, just not goofy.

    Here is a link to the shin guards I have

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Hi,
    The only way I can see to lighten these would be to paint them with neopaque. It will cover the black and will go onto synthetic fibers, which I am assuming these are made from. Neopaque is water based acrylic so shouldn't harm the fabric.
    Heres a link to the info page.
    Good luck
  • Hello, thank you for the reply.

    Would that paint be permanent, at least partially? Or would it rub off over time?
  • Hi
    Yes neopaque is permanent. Blast it with a hair dryer when wet. Put the guards. In the dryer or add airfix to the paint. Any of those methods will help fix the paint onto the nylon.