Tie Dye before or after painting on Dyna Flow?
  • Should I tie dye my garment before or after I paint on it with Dy-na-flow paints?

  • Fabric paints will resist the dye, preventing it from reaching the fibers. This will leave undyed areas. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what your goal is.

    If you want your tie-dyeing to be unaffected by the painting, do the dyeing first. You should complete washing out the excess unattached dye before you start with the fabric paint.

    If you want to use the paint as a resist, as in batik, do the painting first, applying the paint to both the front and back of the fabric in the same place. Before you start dyeing, carefully heat-set the paint, using a hot iron or a commercial dryer (home dryers don't get hot enough).

  • I was thinking about doing a shirt in the following way, do you think it would work? I have been using the Elmers Blue Glue as a resist.
    1. Painted and heat set Dy-na-flow on the shirt
    2. soaked the shirt in the soda ash for >20 min
    3. let the shirt dry
    4. painted resist over the part I painted with dy-na-flow
    5. quickly dipped in soda ash to wet fabric
    6. Tie dyed.


  • Hi,
    Are you using dye-na-flow and nothing else to color the shirt? If thats the case you dont need soda ash as that is only for use with MX dyes.
  • I am using Dy-na-flow to paint on the image and then procion MX dyes to do the tie dyeing. Also, do you have any suggestions for removing Elmers blue gel glue? I have soaked it for about 5 days in cold water and it will barely budge. Has anybody tried adding rubbing alcohol to the water soak? Thanks!

    :) megan