dying of fur on strange colors ?
  • Hi All

    I am new on forum but not new for fur dying.

    I have tested a lot of brands of acid dyes and finally decided to stay with Jacquard .

    This dyes match most of me needs also gives nice effect after mixing .

    I need a lot of sometime strange colors for me salmon flies (even same of them are difficult call )

    Maybe on forum is somebody also busy with dying of fur (foxes, goat, sheep etc) with pleasure exchange


    In present moment I looking for recipe of Ginger color . anybody has any idea about it?

  • Do you mean the yellowish beige color of powdered ginger, the brownish tan color of the outside of a ginger root, the violently clashing yellows and pinks of a ginger flower, or the color of a red-haired person's hair?

  • I have on mind down color (upper red fiery brown, little bit to light )

    It is color of peaty water
  • I am also interested in dying fur, but I have almost no dying experience.
    From what I've been able to pick up, I probably want to use an acid dye.
    LAX - have you found a recipe for "hunter orange"