Pearl Ex for use in a little spray bottle ?
  • l have mixed it with a little water and sprayed it on my paper - but after it dried, it just wiped off ! What did or didn't I do right? What do I mix it with to spray it on my cardstock for cards or scrapbook items? Thanks, this is my first and only jar of Pearl Ex - I love it - but definately need to learn how to use it! Thanks for the help, Suzy.
  • Hi Suzy,

    The PearlEx has no binder in it so what you'll want to do is add the PearlEx to something like Gum Arabic or the PearlEx Varnish to ensure that it is going to adhere to your finished surface. The Gum Arabic is water soluble and will run if it gets rewetted, but the PearlEx Varnish, once dry will not resolubilize.
    These are just a couple of products you can use to make the PearlEx permanent (or simi-permanent) on surfaces. Generally speaking any clear medium which will bind with the PearlEx can be used.
  • If I mix pearl-ex with lumiere - will the lumiere act as a binding medium - so that the pearl-ex won't flake off after drying?? Or, should a little gum arabic be put into that mix so that there is a binding agent?
  • Hello,
    Pearl-ex works well with lumiere though lumiere is opaque and not suitable as a varnish. Lumiere will act as a binder. Don't add gum arabic as well as this is not needed and will not mix well with the acrylic in lumiere.
  • Thank you for that reply. I am very new to pearl-ex, but it looks so cool. I did pick up some varnish as well, and I'm waiting for it to arrive. If I use the varnish, I assume that too is considered a binding agent, so nothing else needs to be mixed in right?