Difference between Inks and Dyes?
  • I have been trying to establish the use of using Dr.PH Martins Tech inks and comparing it with Procien Dyes and they seem to be the same. In the US they call textile dyes, inks and yet in the UK we seem to just refer to them as procian dyes.
    Instead of struggling to get the best results and paying import duties on the Dr. Martins Tech Inks I would rather use the UK equivalent, but trying to get an answer from any stockists of the Procian dyes seems very difficult.
    I mainly use these inks/dyes on paper or illustration board because of their brilliance in colour and have happily used procian dyes for the last few years but wondered if there was any difference in the US version -Tech ink to our Procian Dyes in the UK.
    If anyone can bring any light on the difference I would really appreciate it.
    Many thanks
  • Hi,

    You can use MX dyes on paper but they are not particularly lightfast... but then neither is Dr Martins... If the originals are not important to you the use MX they will give you brilliant colors etc... You can try applying a UV varnish on top of the MX dyes but anything water based applied to the dyes will re-dissolve the dyes down again. MSA varnish from golden artist colors is a very good spirit based UV protective varnish
  • The blurb on the Dr ph martins site says that the Tech inks are lightfast (becomes of interest to me), that alone makes then different to procion dyes, no? Also the Tech inks are marketed as more of a technical drawing ink for paper rather than a dye.
  • Hi,
    Perhaps the Tech ink is an acrylic... I am only familiar with the origional Dr Martin product and those were not that light fast.
  • The Tech inks all bleach so i doubt they are acrylic as i have not found an acrylic that does. Can't get the Tech inks in the UK (may have badger Global Art Supplies Ltd to get them in poss??) but if someone wants to go in on getting some from the USA, i'm up for it. (I'm serious, i may just get some in anyway)