activated dye method for tie dye??
  • Anet,

    About 2 years ago, I printed out the pdf version of the site's general instructions for Tie Dye, describing both the soda soak method and the activated dye method. I usually use the soda soak method, but was considering trying the activated dye method.

    The activated dye method instructed to mix the dye, then add soda ash to the dye and stir, before applying to shirts soaked in warm water.

    The instructions specified 8 tsp of soda ash per cup of dye. I went back to double check, as that seemed a bit too much soda ash to me, and the instructions are no longer there.

    #1-Is Jacquard no longer recommending the activated dye method?

    #2-Do you REALLY add 8 tsp of soda ash to 1 cup of mixed dye, or what is the proper porportion?? I find it hard to believe that much soda ash would dissolve in such a small amount of dye.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • EiDye, I downloaded those instructions just a few days ago so go back and look - I think they are there. HOWEVER, I tried this method on a peace sign that I wanted to dye dry and it did not work. The soda ash dissolved but the colors washed out of the shirt almost completely. I would love to know how to make this work because of several things I want to do so, if anyone out there knows what is wrong, please tell us. I mixed the dye then added the 8 t. soda ash.
  • Hi,

    I think maybe I found my answer by poking around over on paula's site, where she describes adding 1/2 tsp of soda ash to the prepared dye immediately before applying it to the fabric.

    She states you have to use the dye in about an hour, because the soda ash activates the dye and loses potency after that.

    I'm assuming since your dye washed out, that 8 tsp is just too high a concentration for 1 cup of dye and caused a very quick reaction and rendered the dye inactive in just a few minutes. This is just a guess.

    Anyone out there know for sure??