Silk Painting Questions :)
  • Newbie to the group...Jacquard Rocks! Veteran silk painter, getting back into it since college days. Live in an apartment with limited space - can't steam set with a tube, but can with an iron. I'm finding Jacquard Lumiere is an absolutely AWESOME RESIST and LOVE THE VARIETY OF COLORS!!!!! Curious to know: 1. Which brand of silk dye may be the best to use that does not require steam "tube" for setting dye 2. I spoke with someone today about spraying [strainght] vinegar onto wet Procion MX dye to set it...Is this true? 3. Can Jacquard Lumiere or Jacquard Waterbased Resist be used with Dye Set Fixative?...I saw conflicting information on the website regarding this topic...That the Waterbased Resist may become "gummy" when used with the Fixative...Could you please clarify this?...And just want to know if the Lumiere will work with the Fixative. Sorry for blasting so many questions at once...But with so many choices, it's difficult to decipher which direction to go and I want to get started!!!!!
    Thank you so very much for all of your information.....Hope this also helps others.....z
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    You should try our Dye-Na-Flow if you don't want to steam. It is a flowable acrylic color that can be ironed to set the colors.

    Spraying vinegar onto MX dyes probably won't fix them. You can the bake the MX colors in the oven if you don't want to steam them.

    Below are our instructions for the various ways to set MX dyes. For all of these wait for the colors to dry completely ideally 24 hours before following the setting instructions. For full instructions follow this link.

    a. Roll fiber in unprinted newsprint or steaming paper. Bind to make a manageable bundle. Place a cake pan with 1” of water in the bottom in a 285° F oven. Place the fabric bundle on a rack above the pan. Steam for 10 minutes.

    b. Iron each area of the fabric for 5 minutes with the iron set on “Steam.” Work in a well ventilated area. The heat will activate the soda ash.

    c. Dry for 15 to 30 minutes in a dryer at the highest heat setting.

    d. Heat set in a steam chamber or professional fabric steamer

    Our Green Label colors are the only dyes that should be set with the dyeset concentrate. If using this with resist it may be preferable to use the spirit based clear if you have fears of it going gummy. However you will need to dry-clean the resist out of the fabric if you use the spirit based one. Alternatively you could use one of our colored water based resist. They require heat setting with an iron before immersing in the dyeset.

    You can use Lumiere with the dyeset but iron it first as with the water based resist with a hot dry iron to set the colors before immersing in the dyeset.

  • YOU ROCK CELIA!!! Thanks so much for all of your information! This is MOST HELPFUL.....Now I need to go place my order!!!

    Thanks again...

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  • I have been painting on silk charmeuse using your bronze water based resist (with no problems). however, when i use this resist on your organza fabric, the dye bleeds like crazy. any tips?
  • Hi,
    This is caused by the openess of the weave of the fabric. Not really a lot you can do about this unfortunately. :(
  • Hi I'm a newbie & have a question. Can the no flow be used if setting the green label silk colors with the permanent dyeset? If not, what would happen if I do?

    Also can the No Flow be used w/dye na flow?

  • Hi,
    Yes No-Flow can be used with DNF. If you are using green label and need to set the colors with Dyeset Concentrate then there should be no issue doing so if you follow the dyeset instructions. Wash the fabric out with tepid water afterwards to remove the No-Flow.
  • Thanks, I thought I would have to steam if I use the NO Flow & the green label.

    Also one more question. the No Flow...I paint it on & then I can paint the green label dye on top of the No Flow & it won't spread, but the color stays on top of the no flow. So it's not exactly like a resist that makes a border?