Dyes won't hold on silk
  • Help: I've been dyeing different things for over 30 years. A month ago, I bought Jacquard's beautiful acid dyes and began dyeing Habotai scarves. I built my own steamer. After stove-top dyeing and achieving the results I wanted, I learned three days ago, that they're supposed to be steamed to set the dye. (The company I purchased the items from, indicated the silk should be 1. washed in Synthrapol first; 2. stovetop dyed; 3. rinsed, 4. laid flat to dry, 5. steamed, 6. hung for 24 hours, 7. washed in the washing machine in Synthrapol again, and 8. blotted with a towel and ironed.)

    I re-dyed several scarves; laid them flat to dry; steamed them, let them hang for 24 hours, then washed them in the washing machine in Synthrapol, warm water to cold, then blotted and ironed. The colors faded away, and now I'm worried that if the scarves get wet (like wearing one while walking in the rain!) more dye will be released on that person's coat. How in the world do I get the dye to set in the silk? I even tried ironing immediately after dyeing yesterday, before steaming (etc.) to try to heat-set as much of the dye as I could. I've spent every day for a full month (literally), dyeing and redyeing, getting results I want after dyeing, then seeing all my hard work and effort disappear in the washing machine cycle. Help... please... thanks, Michèle
  • Hi there,

    You should be getting great results...that being said let me go over the basics for immersion dying with Acid Dyes.

    Prewash all fabrics, Synthrapol is great but not absolutly necessary.
    Pre mix your desired dyes
    Add premixed dyes to dye pot (amounts figured by weight) (enough water to allow fabric to move freely)
    Add wetted fabric to dye pot
    Begin to bring up temp of dye pot (depending on fabric from 180F to boiling)
    When water/dyebath has acheived temp add vinegar.
    Maintain temp until dye bath has exhausted or you've arrived at the color you are after (which ever comes first:) )
    All done...beautiful colors!
    You'll find full instructions at the Acid Dye Instructions page.

  • Hi,
    I am having a similar problem. I am wetting my silk, it has been washed and fibre added (merino) then I let it soak for 20 min's in a diluted vinegar solution.
    I layout the scarf and apply the dye, I roll in newspaer and clingfilm and put into my seamer (commercial steamer). I left it steam for 30 min's , then to be sure I move it around and re-steam for another 30 minutes.

    When I rinse the colours look good. I add a small amout of detergent and the dye starts to come away - particulary from the woolen fibres. It is ony a slow bleed, the water is only lightly coloured, but I have to sell this as a commission to a lady with a very white coat and I am worried. The dye just keeps bleeding out.

    I have now added a small amount of water with diluted vinegar to the scarf and am steaming again. This has been going on for days and I am out of time, can you help?