how to dye lace for crazy quilting
  • Hi, I'm trying to dye lace to use on my crazy quilting and i wondered if anyone has used Jacquard dyes to do this. I know some people use Ozecraft dyes but these are difficult to get hold of. I need to be able to paint the dyes onto the lace and shade it, also to use different colours on tha same piece. Would appreciate it if anyone has any advice.
  • What fiber is the lace you are using made of? You have to match your choice of dye to the fiber you are dyeing, if you want the dye to work. Different fibers require different dyes.

  • The lace would be mostly cotton, but also some synthetics.
  • Which synthetics? Polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate?

    I'm serious here. You have to match the dye to the fiber type. If you can't figure out what the fibers are, you'll have to use fabric paint, instead of dye.

    Do a web search on "fiber burn test" to find instructions on how to determine fiber content, if your suppliers are ignorant of exactly what they are selling.

  • Thanks Paula, given the assortment of laces I use I think I may be better to try fabric paint, but would they make the lace hard and stiff?
  • Take a look at the Dye-Na-Flow fabric paints. They are very light bodied and add little to no hand to the fabric.