Castaway Stamp Pad
  • I bought the castaway stamp pad. But when I go to use the iron on the ink it does not seem to changing the way I think it should. Is there a specific time you should iron on the ink.
  • Hi,

    Here are the Castaway Stamp Pad Instructions
    Stamp onto paper. Let image absorb into paper for about 5 minutes.
    Use dry iron set a cotton temperature to heat image.

    Notes: Works best on colored papers that are dyed. Does not work on coated papers or papers that are colored with pigments.
    Each paper is different: some papers may result in stamped images that look ghostly, others appear antiqued. Experiment and have fun with different papers

  • Hi Berly,

    You do need to hold the iron on the stamped image for about 30 seconds, sometimes longer---a quick swish with the iron is just not enough for many papers.

  • I bought the Castaway pad for a friend and one for myself. She tried hers and asked me why it didn't work on any of her papers. So, last night I tried it on two Stampin' UP! papers, black and always artichoke and it did nothing when ironed. Yes, I waited 5 minutes. I tried a ribbed red paper that had a white backside, and that one worked in a manner resembling a bleach.

    I would like recommendations from anyone who has had spectacular results and what paper would give those results.

  • I've had the best results with Spectrascope by Paperchase, purchased at Borders. Making Memories carstock (Basic and Classic series) have also worked well. Plain old construction paper seems to work consistently too. Remember that it's very difficult (if not impossible) to tell whether a paper has been colored with dye or pigment and Castaway works best on papers that have been dyed. Another thing that works is printing on 25% cotton business paper through an inkjet printer.

    What company made the red paper that worked for you? I think it would be great to post a list of papers people have had success with. I will be working more with Castaway and will certainly pass along my findings on the forum.
  • The red two-sided paper was purchased at Pretty Paper in Blaine, Minnesota, which is a paper outlet and rubber stamp store. I will try some of the other papers from there and see what results I have and let you know. Thanks for the tips on the other papers to try! =)
  • can you tell me what the active ingredient is in the pad? it creates a funky smell when ironing, and i'm wondering if the fumes are something i should treat carefully. if its thiox should i use a mask if i'm doing a lot of stamping/ironing?
  • Hi,

    The smell is a little pungent but if the pad is used under our guidelines it is relatively benign. However, it is always advisable to use any foreign substances in a well ventilated room. The pad meets with current MSDS guidelines and is considered non toxic if used correctly.