silk scarves?
  • A friend gave me a silk painting kit but I have no silk scarves. The fabric store only has "nubby" looking silk. Where can I buy smooth silk for scarves?
  • Hi,

    Try this link

    If you have problems finding what you need call Jacquard on 1800 442 0455

  • Hello - I am researching the possibilities of our kindergarten class participating in the dyeing/painting a silk scarf to be auctioned away. I love the end result of the jacquard dyes and think 18 kids could draw/paint a lovely 15" x 45" scarf. However, my knowledge of fabrics is limited. The Silk Connection lists 6 different types of silks (?) but what would be best for our project? I would like the scarf to be something a lady would wear or possibly display as wall art. (Can you buy a scarf already hemmed?)

    Thank you for any direction/help.

  • Hi,
    Silk habutai wouldbethe best one to start with as it is flat and the easiest to paint on to.
  • Hi - I'm new, so I hope this forum allows referrals to other companies.

    Jacquard has great stuff to paint and dye WITH; but to paint and dye ON, not so much; good quality, but very little variety.

    I've had very good luck with - LOTS of silk and other fabrics besides, by the yard or made up into blanks - and a full line of Jacquard procucts, of course, at below retail prices - give 'em a try.

  • Hi - I was just re-reading your post. I think having the kids do a scarf project is great. But the thought of a bunch of kindergardeners trying to work with COLORFAST dyes is pretty scary - I can imagine them running around for the next week looking like animated Easter eggs!

    How about using the Dye-na-Flow fabric paint instead? It's really wonderful in terms of leaving the fabric nice and soft, and it cleans up with soap and water. Also, you only have to use an iron to set it - lots easier for everybody, I'd think.

    Show us what the kids end up making!

  • Hi Lunargent,

    Dharma Trading is one of my favorite places to get great stuff to dye and their pricing on our product IS hard to beat!

    And I like your suggestion about using dye-na-flow when working with younger children.

    Thanks for adding your thoughts to the forum.:)