Stamp pads - great idea.....
  • Fantastic idea in fact, but I just invested quite a lot in Lumiere, Pearl Ex, Neopaque, Dye Na Flow, Green Lable Silk Colors, and all the things needed to use them, and to make special effects. I also just invested in many stamp pads (the only thing that was not Jacquard). So for this project at least I will try to work with what I have.
    But reading all you can do with the Pearl Ex stamp pads, I know I will be enticed to do things in the future with them. Just wish I came across them earlier!!!
    I think I will try to add some gold pearl ex to some gold lumiere for added luster, roll it on the stamp pads I have and try that. I will add the airfix to the mix to avoid ironing the delicate fabric.
    Thanks again for the info!
    Untill the next question or crisis, see ya!!!!:)
  • Hi,
    You may be better dabbing the mixture directly on to the stamp with a makeup sponge. Try both I guess and see which one works best.
  • hi I'm new to the forum. am I able to mix pearl ex with water and use a fixative or do I need to add some other medium with the water?
  • Hi,
    I am not sure that the fixative will be sufficient to hold the Pearl Ex on to the surface. Fixative generally holds pastels onto paper however, the pastel pigment is imixed with a binder in the stick. Do a test first. If it doesn't work use gum arabic or another binding medium.
  • hi, thanks for that, I will try gum arabic. I just want to splash it onto some paper for a glittery effect, I did do a test just mixing a little with water and flicking it onto the paper and then sparying with a fixative, it was quite good really, but was interested to know, so that I can use it for other things also. Thank you.