inkjet silk printing applied to eggs
  • Hi,
    my craft is decorating eggs - something like faberge eggs but we don't use as expensive materials! Anyway, i would like to make a 'wedding egg' as a present and would love to print a wedding photo on to silk, but i have a few questions before i start purchasing.
    1) what mm silk would be suitable for wrapping around the curved surface of an egg without getting any wrinkles?
    2) we stick silk prints on using thin white tacky glue - is this going to make the dye run? Does this mean i have to purchase a type of treated silk which needs steam setting for permanent colour fixture?

    :) Egger
  • Hi,
    We actually have silk ready to go through a printer it is our inkjet silk and cotton. Here is link.
    This should take the guess work out of it for you. Follow the instructions for setting the silk and you will be fine to adhere it with waterbased glue.
  • Hi Egger,

    I like to use Mod Podge when I'm applying printed silk over a surface. The Inkjet Silk sheets that Celia mentioned are lightweight and work very well. I also have used our Extravorganza--my favorite!--on a glass ornament that turned out very nicely.

    Good luck! We'd love to see some photos!

  • Hi Noelle and Celia,
    Thanks for your replies. I'll give it a go once i find a stockist in Australia. Just had another question though - i only want to print an image about 9 x 10cm in size, so i presume i can cut up the silk/paper and put that through the printer so i don't waste any?

    Noelle - are you an egger too?
  • Hi Sher-lene,

    I guess that depends on how fussy your printer is. It's not a problem from the silk sheets end of things---they cut very nicely with the paper on. I usually set up a document in Photoshop with several images on the page to fit the inkjet sheet, then print.

    I'm not an egger---I've just done lots (and I do mean LOTS) of different crafts and I like to color outside the lines. :)

    Have fun with the eggs!