• Hi, I'm new to this forum. I love hand painting yarn. I have been using ProChem Washfast Acid Dyes and recently won a ton of Jacquard acid dyes on eBay. Could someone please tell me what the difference might be? I've been reading through this site, but can't seem to find it. Mind you, it is still kinda early and I've only had 2 cups of coffee.....
  • Some of the Jacquard acid dyes are identical to some of the ProChem "Washfast" line of acid dyes. There are also some dyes found in the Jacquard line but not the Prochem line, and some dyes found in the ProChem line but not the Jacquard. They are both very good lines of dye.

    You can find information about specific dyes among the Jacquard Acid dye line under the Technical Info for acid dyes here on the Jacquard web site, as well as instructions for hand-painting with acid dyes.

    You can find additional information about different acid dyes on my web site, under About Acid Dyes, on Which Washfast Acid colors are pure, and not mixtures? (which specifies exactly which dyes are the same between the two brands of acid dye), on the Levelling Acid Dyes page (scroll down to find the table of "Direct Links for Purchasing Jacquard's acid levelling type dyes"), and in the lightfastness and washfastness tables on my Lightfastness of Different Types of Dyes page (scroll down for the table of acid dye properties).

  • Maybe I wasn't specific enough. The Washfast Acid Dyes from Prochem are in a powder form and are mixed with hot water (1 tsp dye powder + 1 cup boiling water). I then do rainbow or varigated hand painting on 100% wool. I use many different colors on a skein of yarn.

    Do the Jacquard Dyes work the same way? Are they also powders? Your website is full of great information by the way!
  • The Jacquard Acid Dyes are in powder form and should work in a similar fashion to the dyes you are familiar with. Check out our instructions, as Paula suggested. The most important step is steaming--it is what sets the colors.

    Congratulations on your win and have fun playing with the dyes!