Pastel colors with iDye Poly
  • Hello lovely people! :)

    I have some wedding dresses and I'd love to color them to pastel colors, cold beige/"nude" and dusty pink. How I can achieve that, since we don't have that shades pre-made? Thank you! :)

  • This is something you will have to experiment with, but I can give you some pointers. Old socks are good for testing the color before you finalize a formula. They are mostly polyester.

    All our dyes are meant to give bright vibrant colors, so you are going to have to use much less dye than comes in the pack. Pastels basically start around 1/10 the amount of dye. The best way to measure 1/10 a packets is to dissolve it in 10 ounces of hot water in a jar or something like that and then measure out the fraction by volume. So take 1/10 of the resulting liquid.

    For dusty pink, I would use 1/10 pink and 1/20 brown.

    For beige you need about 1/10 brown and then some blue. Probably 1/30 or so. This will make it a little more peach instead of just brown.
  • These are starting points, of course. Don't throw the dresses in these mixtures straight off. You have to test.