Direct dye and soda ash pre soak
  • I am soaking my silk and viscose fabrics in soda ash before dying them in a direct dye immersion bath. I understand it removes any finishes and oils etc as well as making the fiber absorb the dye better. Is this correct?
    I then proceed to dye with direct dyes. Should I rinse out the fabric after the pre soak? Or is it ok to transfer directly to the dye bath?

    I would be most grateful for any help here.
  • You can transfer directly.

    Is your silk at 10%? Silk doesn't like soda ash much, but if it isn't a large percentage it won't be a problem. Really with direct dyes, you don't need soda ash. Regular salt does a good job of enhancing the color. A single cup of salt for 3lbs or under and 2 for over that works great.