Spilled dye
  • Hi, awhile ago I used some purple iDye Poly do dye a wig and I stored the rest of the package in the original bag and few weeks ago it accidentally spilled over multiple surfaces, including carpet. I thought I cleaned it up well but seems like there are particles of dye which are not visible with the naked eye and once I tried to clean up the carpet and floor with some water, the remaining dye kinda activated and now I don't know how to clean it up, the carpet has some purple spots from the dye. Also, since the remaining dye is not visible and the place I spilled it was my bedroom, is it toxic to inhale or something? It first spilled on the mattress when I was trying to rearrange paints and dyes..
  • Spilling dye is never fun. It is so concentrated. You should vacuum it as much as you can before you try water, but I see you have tried water already. Breathing it is not healthy you are right. Vacuuming is really the way to clean spilled dye unless it is on a hard surface that can be wiped clean.

    As for the things it has stained. Hopefully it is not too permanent. Certain surfaces it might be. I am pretty worried about the carpet. That is usually nylon and poly dye love nylon.

    The thing that I have found most helpful in removing the dye is oxyclean. It really takes the color out of things that the dye has no affinity for like cotton and non-synthetics. It should help to fade it on synthetic fibers as well, but sometimes it has gotten in there and there is not much you can do. You can also soak a sponge in oxyclean and let it sit on areas that are particularly bad. It should help quite a bit.

    Really sorry for the ordeal. Getting dye out of things you don't want colored can be real trouble.
  • Thank you, I see, but is it toxic if there are still particles of dye which I can't see ?
  • If the amount is so small you cannot see it, there is no problem. It isn't dangerous. Vacuum up as much as you can.