Dying/painting wedding shoes, please help!
  • Hello all. I have a pair of beige polyester satin ballroom dance shoes that I would like to dye or paint but I'm unsure of how to begin or what paint to choose. As I understand it, I cannot dye the shoes because I can't immerse them in hot water and because I'm starting from a beige and not a white. My next thought is to paint them. I'd like them to go from beige to a blue gray color. Do I have to take the beige into account when mixing the color or will the color just go right over the beige without being affected? I'd like a blue gray with some pearlescence. What colors and products would you use and how? Obviously I need a blue, but which one? If probably need something to lighten it with and possibly a gray or pewater color to add back in. From playing around with rit dye, I've discovered that blue and purple can make the blue gray but the results aren't consistent. Any advice, product info, guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.
  • There are a lot of things going on here. You want pearl, that can only be done with paint. The beige is not going to make a huge difference but should be accounted for. I would use dye na flow and pearl ex. White dye na flow, pewter dye na flow, pearl white pearl ex. and a bluye that you like, are what I would use. Azure Blue #814 dye na flow is red biased and Cerulean 815 is red biased. It depends on what kind of blue you want. It sounds like you want red biased, so I would choose Azure.

    Dye na flwo will sink into the satin, and won't fade, which is an advantage you would have over using dye. It should sink in and be very even. I wouldn't worry about the beige at all.
  • Thanks so much! I do think I'm leaning towards the red biased. I'm really going for a light blue grey (if I could attach a pic, I'd show you) color. I've even thought of playing around with adding gray to periwinkle. As I'm trying to figure out the proper mix, should I test it out in white Satin that I have and assume it might be a bit darker with the beige? Would setting the dye with a hair dryer or heat gun be ok?
  • Also, any recommendations for how it should be applied? Brush, sponge, spray, etc...? I bought some wool daubers but not sure how good they are for near the soles or for getting even color. Thanks again!
  • Sponge brush or spraying are probably best. Testing is highly recommended even on something lighter. It will look largely the same, but will be dulled a bit. Either Hair drier or heat gun i s ok. be careful not to scorch with the heat gun. Patience is key with a heat gun.