temperature of indigo dye vat????
  • I bought the indigo dye kit and in the instructions it says the vat should be kept between 68 to 85 F.
    I live in central Mexico and these days the night temp. goes down to 44 F. and inside the houses are the same
    temp. as outside. The houses have no central heating so I am wondering if this will be a problem??

    Will the indigo vat be ruined if it goes down to this temp. every night??
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello,

    No, your Indigo vat won't be ruined. The reaction may slow down a bit. I have actually frozen my vat before and it still sort of worked. I would avoid freezing it if you can though! The temperature affects how dark the color is a bit. If you want a darker blue you can dip multiple times, so this shouldn't be a big issue at all.

    If you can use warm water initially that is the important part because the warm water helps get your vat ready in the 30-60 min time period. If you use colder water it usually takes longer like 2 hours to reach peak color intensity.
  • Thank you so much!! It seldom freezes where I live in central Mexico but almost half the year it gets cold late in the evening. I am thinking I may be able to bring it inside after the sun sets and store it over night on the stairs.
    They do a lot of indigo dyeing in Bangladesh where I lived for a few years and they had this same
    cold at nights in the winter and they dyed all year.