using your 'silk colors' on rayon??
  • Hello . can you tell me if it is possible to successfuly set your 'silk colors'
    rayon, poly, viscose...
    As for Setting:
    Can I use a industrial steamer iron?
    Or should I use the Permanent Dyeset Concentrate?

    Color vibrancy is not an issue, but I want to acheive the BLACKEST blacks.

  • The Silk Colors dyes are formulated primarily for painting on silk. However, Red label Silk Colors are great on cellulose. They can be done in a bath such as Procion MX (at high 160 F) or painted and steamed like Procion H. The Green Label dyes are the same dye stuff, but are acidified and they are for a poor choice for cotton..... Fixation would be poor.
    As far as steaming, you need to steam the fabric in a steamer for up to an hour, so I do not believe an industrial steam iron would do the trick.
    For achieving the blackest black, you did not mention if you were painting or trying to dye the whole piece. A dark black is one of the hardest colors to get. Liquid H has a dark black if you are painting and steaming. For immersion dyeing, Procion MX would be the best for cellulose. Use hot water and lots of dye. We do not have any dyes that will dye polyester at this time.
  • thanks for your reply, though troubling. I am painting with black, and some red and yellow, on a variety of fabrics. the fabrics are large, approx 2 x 2.5 yards, so it is unlikely I can roll them each up to steam for an hour....

    urgently need to get some sort of paint that will stay on the fabrics for dress samples, be very dark black, and not rub off on the skin. They do not actually need to be washed.

    Please advise,
    MUCH appreciated,
  • fabric contents are :
  • You might want to try our Dye-Na-Flow. It is technically a paint, but flows on fabrics like a dye and will work on all of these fabric types. You can heatset it with an iron or in the dryer. I would recommend doing some tests to see if you get the results that you want before going into production.
  • fantastic thank you so much. Can I dilute it with water or should I use a medium??

    1- will 'noflow' be compatible
    2- would you advise me to use the permanent dyeset concentrate?
    3- safe to wash and dry after ironing?

  • Yes, you can dilute Dye-Na-Flow up to 25% with water. It is compatible with No Flow. You only use the Permanant Dyeset Concentrate with the Green Label Silk Colors. And yes, it is washable and drycleanable after heatsetting.
  • thankyou!

    finally, should I use the synthrapol when rinsing after setting?
  • It's not really necessary. Synthrapol is designed to remove excess dye after dyeing and for prewashing fabrics. A gentle laundry soap would be fine.
  • Hello Again. I tried dye-na-flow on my fabrics, but the black is completely GRAY on most of them.

    other suggestions?
  • With Green Label silk colors, can I use the concentrate INSTEAD of steamsetting?

    (the dye na flow is very gray)
  • I don't know why the Dye-Na-Flow black would be gray.....Did you dilute it? You can use the Green label silk colors with the Permanant Dyeset Concentrate, but again, it's a poor choice for fabrics other than silk.