tie dye on cashmere
  • Hi

    I want to cover some damage to a cashmere sweater using a tie dye technique- preferably marbeling. But the videos always show spray dying for marbeling techniques. Since cashmere is dyed using immersion with slow increase to high heat (acid dye) - how would you suggest I do the technique on cashmere? Thanks for any help.

  • There are 2 ways to do this.

    First you would take the acid dye and squirt them on like tie dye and then steam the sweater. This is for an advanced dyer.

    http://jacquardproducts.com/assets/jacquard-site/support/instructions/Steaming Instructions.pdf

    The second way that would most likely work pretty well is to use the Procion dyes, but mix them with vinegar instead of soda ash and use them cold. SO the only difference would be to presoak the cashmere in 2 cups of vinegar ina couple gallons of water.

  • Thanks. I will look into the procion. I haven't looked at them for cashmere.

  • Now came a new question. I am looking to dye this from a rather splotchy maroon to a dark purple-burgundy. Since the acid and procion dyes have different colors, which procion color will make the best purple-burgundy result? Maybe raspberry or raspberry and purple? Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Can you post a link of the color you want?
  • These are what I am trying to 'match' - doing marbeling to allow for shading so it doesn't need to be exact

  • Marbling a cashmere sweater with procion isn't going to be easy. You might want to try it out on something you don't care too much about before doing it to your sweater. I had a hard time getting a tshirt to work... I can only imagine a sweater would be even more difficult.
  • In the dyeing wool thread someone suggested microwaving acid dye after it had been hand painted on. I imagine you could do the same thing with the sweater. I do agree with the theengel for the fact that this kind of experimentation is risky, and you almost have to be willing to lose the sweater if you try this as it is so unconventional.