Cleaning up the Forum PLEASE READ
  • Hello everyone,

    I am going to be cleaning the forum up. We have made changes to reduce spam, and hopefully this will open the forum up to actual users who need help or want to share their projects. I am deleting users like crazy who have clogged up the forum with junk. We do not allow:

    non art and craft related discussion ie video games, financial services, and pharma
    trolling or bullying

    I am going to be aggressively deleting users that participate in these and other activities that do not fall within the mission of the message board. Please contact me with any questions.

    I am also going to be starting new threads to talk about interesting methods and alternative methods of using our products. I am a textile and leather artist and I think there is a lot of potential here to learn from one another.

    I am sorry to all of the legitimate users that may have been pushed out of the forum. We are a relatively small family company that does not have the resources to deal with issues like this as quickly as we want to, but I assure you that I am going to give it my best shot and help you with all of your projects.

    Alex Preston
  • thank you! I only joined a few days ago but found the spam and off topic posts made it nearly impossible to use.
  • Thank you Alex - I appreciate your vigilance.
  • It has gotten worse recently, but we are working on updating the forum. I know it is unusable right now, but we are working hard to fix it.
  • OK, we had our web guy go through and purge everything. The forum is running again, and should be a little cleaner from now on.
  • Very new here and I do respect rules, etc. But I don't know what pharma trolling is, please explain. TIA
  • Haha. We just don't want you posting Pharmaceutical advertisements.

    It seems like most of the issues we were having have been addressed by our new approval system. Unfortunately, some of our members are not as active as they were, but we are getting more discussion every day. We will be back to normal soon.
  • Oh..ok, you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff from me.
  • Thank you! You do a good job
  • I am brand new to this forum and I love it so much, and your products. I accidentally bought Dynamics's flow and now I am so excited to have chanced upon it. I bought Procion MX and am looking forward to dyeing cotton yarn and tie dye and lots more.
  • oops that spellchecker I meant Dyna Flow.
  • Hi I am a newly Start up wool shawls,stoles and scarves Dyer. I would appreciate any advise. Looking forward for the same. Thanks
  • Thank you! Navigation improved so much I finally set up an account!