Green label dyes and alginate thickener
  • I painted a design on silk using green label dyes and alginate thickener. The dye had set for 48 hrs. before rinsing the silk in the dyeset for about a minute. It seemed fine at first, but now I notice that the dye is rubbing off. Any ideas about what went wrong?
  • It sounds like you may not have removed all the alginate and it is crocking. It takes much longer than a minute to soften, dissolve and rinse out the thickener. It is actually stubborn stuff (which is one reason folks who use thickened dyes like to steam set and then rinse like crazy instead of trying to fix and rinse in one chemical bath). There is probably still a fair amount of alginate on the silk that is rubbing off. Soak in COLD water for a long time to soften the alginate without solubilizing the dye. Then a quick rinse in warm to hot water with synthrapol.