uv inks and dyes
  • I want to use fluorescent colours on lycra. Applied with an airbrush/airgun. Fairly large areas. Which is the best product to use.
  • Ah we have the perfect thing. Our airbrush fluorescents are bright and very flexible. Perfect for Lycra and are really nice to spray. We have 8 colors including the new FL Red!


    Check the 400series fluorescents at the bottom of the page. They are available from several sources: Dharmatrading.com, chicagoairbrush.com, and the brick and mortar store most likely to have them is Artist and Craftsman if there is one near you.
  • Will the Opaque White #207 work on Black Lycra Stretch Mesh?
    What are the UV exposure characteristics? This is a project to customize Dainese Body Armour for ladies. Their only color is Black for everything and I'm not settling for that.
  • Yes it should work. It is nice and flexible. You may not want to heat set, and in that case, I would suggest Airfix to cure the paint without heat so that it has maximum durability.


    UV exposure shouldn't be an issue. These paints hold up well outside. Some of the fluorescent and iridescent colors can fade under long UV exposure, but the white is solid.

    What kind of UV will they be exposed to?
  • Daily motorcycle riding
  • No problem at all. If you use the Fluorescent or Iridescent airbrush, you might consider a UV varnish