Tie Dye Kit vs. Bulk Procion MX
  • Recently purchased our first Jacquard Tie Dye Kit and loved it! I would like to purchase additional dye to use at a birthday party.

    Would purchasing three 2/3 oz. dyes be equivalent to the amount of dye in two of the Tie Dye Kits (10-15 t-shirts)? Since I already have the applicator bottles I'd like to buy "refills" for them. Just not sure how much dye was premeasured in each of the bottles that came with the kit.

    Kim C.
  • Kim,

    Our large tie dye kit-the one that does 10-15 shirts has:
    6.75 grams of Lemon Yellow
    9 grams of Magenta
    10 grams of Turquoise

    2/3oz equals 18.89 grams, so you'll be able to do quite a few more shirts with 3 of the 2/3oz jars.

  • Lovely... a new use for my postage scale. :p

    I would really like to see Jacquard create a set of refills for their tie dye kits. Maybe 2 sets of dye packets and soda ash. Pre-measured and ready to go for those of us not quite ready to go the gram measuring route.
  • Gram scales are really only necessary for people that need to replicate their results exactly. For the average person, the possibility of slight shade variations in their tie dye doesn't matter. Our instructions to use at least 2 teaspoons of dye per 8 ounces of water is a simple enough way to measure. You'll find the instructions here: http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dyes/procionmx/instructions3.php

  • A rule of thumb I follow, and totally your call, I use 3tsp per 8oz water...this assures deep colors.....up to 6tsp for black, depending on the end shade of black/grey I may want..
  • I was wondering if tie dye kits from Jacquard http://www.jacquardproducts.com can help me partly dye my daughter's Bella+Canvas http://www.bellacanvas.com tank tops. She needs a few grey strokes for an upcoming dress show and I think the tie dye kit should be enough. Will the fabric support tie dyes?
  • It will. You want grey dye? The kit comes with blue, magenta, and yellow. It's possible to mix, but maybe difficult for no reason.

    We have a great grey dye, our neutral grey procion dye #211. You need the dye and a small amount of soda ash. It would be cheaper than buying the kit and no mixing necessary.
  • Ah I see. That is great Thanks. I am gonna try #211 with your soda ash tip. Hopefully my daughter will love her Bella Canvas tops more now.