Alum & It's uses
  • I would like to know which method to prepare my fabric. I've searched online and really haven't found any answers. So I do I need to soak my fabric in a mixed solution and let air dry? Or can I spray and let air dry? Do I need to rinse, please someone out there knows the answers. I want to do some marbling tonight if possible.
  • We suggest soaking the fabric in a gallon of water treated with 2 tablespoons of Alum. You can rinse the fabric afterward, the Alum is not supposed to wash out actually. It is supposed to stay buried in the fabric permanently. Most people do not rinse, they just go for it. You can also spray, but it is always a good idea to wear a mask and make sure you do not breathe the spray.
  • Ok, got it! I've read on a few different sites about Alum, One states it's toxic and the other says non toxic. Even the Alum purchased online some time ago states on the label that it is toxic. Why all the rubbish confusion!? LOL. Well....either way I will use precaution by wearing the mask, goggles and gloves!
  • The alum is not very dangerous. They use it to make pickles snap instead of just bend. However, if a small child ate a lot it, they could get very sick. So, you don't want to leave it around young children or animals. Gloves help because Alum dries your hands out, and i always suggest a mask when dealing with powders that can go airborn, but Alum is not especially dangerous. Some women use it to tighten their skin, and people use it on cancre sores to shorten the time they stick around.