Galvanized Drip Pans/WaterMarbling
  • New here and I'd like to know if it's safe to use a Galvanized pan to do Water Marbling. The usual chemicals are carageenan, methocel, alum, sodium hydrosulfite and maybe some others. Just getting into this fun stuff after a year of thinking about it. Last night I did 3 water marblings using old scraps of fabric.

    I am a quilter by nature and have a small shop in my little city. I plan to implement this into my future classes along side teaching quilting to others. I'd don't get too much time to explore because of the nature of my business, but please pass on any helpful tips and advice on this subject. TIA
  • The galvanized pan should be fine. The one thing I have noticed is that if you use aluminum, it is possible for the alum to eat through it. It actually solubulizes the aluminum and can make pin holes in your pan. I only found this when I used an aluminum pan to soak my paper in Alum. Just be aware

    Carrageenan and Methocel are super safe on any surface and are unreactive. Keep in mind sodium hydrosulphate can take the color out of any dyed article.
  • Hi Jacquardmod! Concerning the alum, how would you best prepare your fabric with Alum? Mix in a spray bottle and spray entire fabric OR Soak it in the Alum water? And completely dry before the marbling correct?

    Thanks QIA
  • I usually soak because you want the alum to be embedded in the fabric, and soaking swells the fabric pulling more alum in. Spraying will work fine, but you should wear a mask.

    Material to be marbled always need to be completely dry. If it is wet, those areas won't print. You can even use just water as a resist. If you paint a wet mark on fabric or paper, it is not going to pick up the marbling the way the dry areas will.