Dying a purple nylon gown burgundy
  • Hello , I have a bright purple ( indigo) nylon dress that I want to dye burgundy . Is this possible . I bought 2 packs of Crimson polyester dye . Will that work ? Any advice would be very much appreciated .
  • I think this will work. It will be a purpley deep crimson. I thoink it will be a little more purple than burgundy, but you will get pretty close. The nylon takes the poly dye very well, so I would only use 2 packs if the dress weighs more than 4 lbs.
  • Thanks ! I'm trying it tomorrow . Fingers crossed !
  • Hello , I'm finally dying the bright purple nylon dress. It's been in 2 packs of Crimson poly dye for 2 hours and has not picked up any color
  • There was 0 change to the dress?? This is highly unusual.

    Did you boil the dress? Poly dye is not activated until it reaches 212 degrees F or 100C.

    The only other thing that I could imagine is that the dress is not nylon and is something else like Rayon maybe? We have heard rumors of nylon that won't dye with Idye poly, but much like the loche ness monster, no real proof!
  • I did it again and it worked . It's beautiful but turned out a very dark plummy burgundy . It appears almost black in a picture . Is there any way to make it more of a burgundy ? I'm in a bridal party and it needs to match a swatch as close as possible . I love this dress but Is it time to move on ?
  • Oh no! I thought it wasn't taking the color? Now you are in a bad spot. It is getting closer to salvageable, but it isn't there yet. You need color remover and soda ash. You mix the color remover with 2 cups of soda ash and you boil the dress again. This is not going to remove all of the color, but it should lighten it. I just hope it lightens evenly. It will smell bad, but you should be able to remove the dress once it lightens up to the degree you want. Don't over shoot it.