• Hey everyone,

    I'm wanting to dye my wrestling ear guards from maroon to black. The outside lining is elastane. I emailed the maufacturer to find out what blend it is, but they haven't replied. Does anyone know if the dye will rub off or bleed out when they get sweaty? Say if I dyed it under the pretense it was part blend spandex/cotton. I can't upload a picture, but have a google image link here: http://www.mmagearguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/brute_shockwave.jpg . Is it possible to dye just the outside of the ear guard? Perhaps even keep the lettering white!!!!???

    Please help!


  • Yes, the lettering can stay white. I think this is made of mostly nylon. Nylon dyes beautifully with the jet black acid dye #639. You can get that at Dharmatrading.com and all the Artist and Craftsman stores carry it as well. You should heat the ear guard to about 150 degrees(not boiling, but scalding hot) with the dye and vinegar per the acid dye instructions.

    Do not use the Idye poly because that will dye the white lettering black and I think the temp is too high for the elastane.
  • Hey, Will the dye bleed out or rub off if it gets sweaty?

  • Not at all. The only way this happens is when you use too much. It should be fine to use a whole pack on 1-3 lbs. If it weighs 1/2 a pound use half the amount.
  • Yeh, I weighed the ear guards and they weigh roughly 1/2 a pound. Is it ok to heat proof the ear guards in the dryer afterwards or use a hair dryer?
  • Oh you don't need to do that at all. Dyes do not set with heat. It is the vinegar that sets the dye along with the hot water.

    http://jacquardproducts.com/assets/jacquard-site/product-pages/dyes/acid/Acid Dye Instructions-2014.pdf

    1/2 an once would be the whole bottle and would be the absolute max you should use for this project. I think half the bottle should work great though. You are at risk for bleeding if you use the whole thing. Don't throw out the dye bath until the ear guards are washed and dried. That way if it is not dark enough, you can add more dye and give it another 20 min.