Idye Poly - Which colors do i need to mix for WIne Red and Ashes of Roses

    I need to paint 100% poly LACE. The colors that i need are Wine Red (dark red) and Ashes of roses. Which colors do i need to mix for these two colors.

    Wine Red:

    Ashes of roses:


  • The wine red is an exact match for the crimson Idye poly. You could make it slightly more purple with a pinch of violet, but it looks good to me as is.

    The ashes of roses could be mixed with 1/4crimson and 1/4 lilac. That would likely do nicely. You can cut the packet or dissolve the whole thing in a glass and pouring 1/4 of it into the dye bath.

    Dyeing a sock before you put the lace in, can give you a good idea of the color so you can adjust as needed.
  • Thank you so much!

    Another Q: Washing/Care Instructions for the painted lace?

  • The Idye poly is activated by heat, so hot water is a no no and will make you lose dye. It is very washfast in cold water however. I have also found that particularly with reds like these, you should not dry on the line, especially in a very sunny place. The poly dyes are more prone to fading in the sun than some of our other dyes.

    Other than that wash and wear as normal.