• hi, in am yamin. I am from Bangladesh and in am working as a merchandiser. I want to know about mesh fabrics.
  • I guess I need more information. In general we deal mainly in silks and cotton. Silk Organza ia the closest thing to a mesh we have, and it is really just a loose weave silk.
  • is there anyone who can give me some information about mesh fabric and cotton fabric.
  • I am not a moderator, but I think the dyes you would use depend almost entirely on what type of fiber the fabric is made of rather than its structure. What is your mesh fabric made of?

    Jacquard does make a reactive dye, Procion MX, which has very good results on cotton.
  • Yes mesh fabrics can be made of any type of fabric. You can paint them and you can dye them. It is very important to know the type of fabric it is made of.

    Idye will work on cotton, Silk, Wool, Rayon etc anything natural.

    Procion will work on Cotton, Linen, Rayon or any other cellulose(plant derived) fiber.

    Acid dyes work on silk, nylon, wool and other protein(animal based) fibers.

    Idye poly works on polyester, acrylic, nylon and most other synthetic fibers.

    The best paints for mesh are the textile and dye na flow, which sink into the fiber rather than just sitting on top.