Paints used in marbling on denim fabric/ or silk?
  • Hi Annette!

    Its been a while since i posted- hope all is well with you!

    Which of your paints works best for marbling? Im thinking of marbling jeans and also silk fabric, i have never done this before.
    Is it possible to get metallic marbled effects with your paint? Im looking for nice vibrant colors.

    (I have seen that you have recommended Dye na flow but some users say its too transparent in marbling- textile colors is better but theyre also not very vibrant- How would Lumiere hold up- Dharma trading says that they do NOT think its a good choice of paint for marbling)

    In terms of fixing the paints , would they need to be heat set after the marbling? Also, would the hand of the silk fabric change after the marbling- perhaps stiffen? Im thinking that since the paint is the same whether we use it to paint fabric or marble (in a tub of water) the hand of the fabric will change.

    Just trying to understand the process of the paint setting and becoming permanent on the fabric after marbling?

    Thanks a ton!

  • Hi jacquard moderators- Im still looking for this info. Would be wonderful if you could advice! :-)

    Thanks a ton again for all your help!
  • Ok,

    We do have marbling paints that work really well. They are pretty transparent, but if you add the marbling white they show up on dark colors pretty nicely. You could make dye na flow more opaque the same way, by adding marbling white(not trans white dye na flow).

    I have found the best way to fix the paints is to let them dry without rinsing to keep all the color, rinsing out the alum and carrageenan once the paints are dry, and then waiting for it to dry and ironing at 350 for 30 sec each area. Marbling with our colors or dye na flow will not appreciably change the hand of the fabric. It will stay super nice and soft.

    Marbling with metallics is something you usually have to do with solvent instead of water based paints. I am actively working on this, but most metallic pigments seem too dense to float. Watering them down doesn't help because you lose the metallic look quickly. Lumiere does not work well, but you can sometimes get a hint of metallic if you work quickly. Mostly metallic pigments simply sink.

  • Thank you so much! Im a fiber artist who works mostly with dyes but i like paints too!
    Have you experimented the marbling technique on denim fabric? if so im curious to hear results.
  • Denim is tough because it isn't smooth and marbling works best on smooth fabrics. It will work though. Combed patterns will not show well. Stone patterns work best. Add white to improve coverage.
  • Hi ! Thank again :)

    Would marbling with your textile colors and/or neopaque work on denim ?I'm not interested in marbling with metallics... i dont necessarily like a soft hand on fabrics when i finish. It really depends :)

  • Yes it will work. Neopaque would show up better than Textile because the textile are more transparent.