• Hi i have a green color chiffon dress and i want to dye it to sort of burnt orange color i use the normal rit dye and it didnt work at all i dont wat to do now!?? I have got the rit dye more just wanted to ask if that will work??
  • And what color should i use to get the burnt orange color?? Plzzz help me
  • This dress sounds like it is polyester. You should use polyester dye Idye poly. I would use a 3:1 ratio of poly orange to Idye poly Brown. So if you use a whole pack of orange, also include a 1/3 of a pack of brown.

    Idye poly must be boiled. You cannot use it in the washing machine.
  • Hi thanks for giving the tip i did the stove top method but the dye us not even like some places it has a darker shade and some places it has lighter shade. What should i do to fix it??
  • Plz help
  • This sounds like a mix of nylon and polyester. Are the different shade on different parts of fabric? As in it is lighter on the dress part and darker in the mesh or other finishing material?

    Nylon is much easier to dye, so it takes the color preferentially over the polyester, unfortunately.

    If you send me a picture at alex@jacquardproducts.com I may be able to help you more.