Body Painting on Flannel
  • For reasons both non pertinent and ridiculous to explain, we are leading an activity where people use their bodies to paint a big piece of white flannel. I had originally thought that screenprinting ink diluted might be the best course, but I think it will stain skin too much.

    The concerns are thusly: is there a product that is non toxic, and one that will stain skin less, rather than more. The last consideration would be if there's more than one item, price would be the deciding factor.

    I realize that flannel is hard to paint anyways, but I think diluted paint is a good idea, it'll run, but frankly, if you're painting w fingers, etc.. exactness is not a primary goal.
  • Versatex screen ink may be a good choice. It has good fabric binders, it is soft and non-toxic. People print with it, and it can be diluted 10% or so and still have good adhesion. It really only adheres to porous surfaces like fabric, so it should wash off skin very well. I think it would be a pretty economical, but also permanent choice.
  • as always, your help is SO appreciated. Thanks again, Jacquard!