• Our daughter wants her wedding dress black. I used two packets of I dye Poly on the stove top at about 160 degrees max. I was fearful of melting the material at hotter temps. The "satin" part of the dress is beautifully black. The lace took some dye but is a greyish-bluish color. I'm going to try dyeing once more with a packet of "I dye Poly" and up the temp a bit, plus add a "I dye Natural" packet because one type of the lace (previously purple from a Rit dye my daughter used) stayed purple and I suspect it might do better with the natural dye.. So if the bluish-greyish lace still doesn't pick up enough black, can I use "Dye Na Flow" to try and get it black by hand? Or do you have other ideas to save the day and the dress? Thank you for your help. I am quite a newby to dyeing anything other than a few Rit dye articles way back in the day! :)
  • This sounds like the satin portion is most likely Nylon, which takes the poly dye beautifully. The blue Black of the lace is consistent with Polyester, which is not as receptive to the dye. It is possible that there is some natural content there, so adding the natural black is a good idea.

    I think increasing the temp is a good idea. This should really help if that lace is poly. I think that one way or another that lace will dye darker this time whether it just needed more poly dye or if it has some natural content.

    If it fails, then your last resort using Dye-na-flwo is not a bad option at all, and should allow you to get the lace as dark as you like. So, Basically you are completely on the right track and I think you should get good results.
  • Thank you for your help. I sure like using the I dye. :) Great product. I just figured out from reading these forums that the packets melt in the water and don't need to be opened! Live and learn!
  • Hmmm maybe we need to make that more clear. I have heard that a few times.
  • I don't see how you could make it more clear! It's right on the front of the package! Silly me.

    I dyed the dress again using both I dye poly and I dye natural. The lace turned out a nice grey with just a hint of blue. Rather attractive. However, now the whole garment sheds a bit of black on my hands as I work with it. I rinsed it in lots of water after dyeing. I'm afraid to rinse much more because I don't want to loose the color that is there now. It wouldn't be horrible to wear it this way--our daughter says if she has some black on her skin, no problem! I didn't order the fixative. The wedding is a week from today. Any thoughts on what to do or not do? Thanks for your help.
  • Fixative is a good idea, but it may not work because it could be the poly portion that is rubbing off. This is crocked perhaps, which means you used a little too much dye. That is ok, it can be fixed. You can rinse it with some dish detergent and that should help. The other thing to do when the poly acts this way is to boil it again in clear water for 1/2 and hour, but as you say, it might take out some of the color you want. It's a gamble.
  • OK. Thanks. You are the best to help me! I would be lost without your counsel. Thanks again.
  • I did the wash in water with dish detergent and it did help. All is well and we're good to go. I have so enjoyed using your products. But the help of you, Jacquardmod, has been such a God-send at a stressful time of life. Thanks for being there for your customers.
  • You are Welcome. We couldn't be so helpful, if our customers weren't problem solvers and experimentalists as well! It's not easy to try something new. We try to make it as easy as possible, but with any project, so many things can go wrong.