Dyeing silk satin belt for wedding dress
  • My silk satin belt has some kind of special finish on it that I have used dyes with acid in it that the color will Not stick to the fabric no matter what I use. I have tried it to dye it pink and it turned my white belt pale pink. I have tried dyeing it hot fuschia pink and I added white vinegar to the water to make the color stick but the color came off completely. It didn't stick to the fabric. I am really struggling here.
  • Are you absolutely sure that this is a silk belt? They are making very convincing polyester satin lately. You might want to try a polyester dye. Usually, when a fabric absolutely won't take the dye it is a non-nylon synthetic and Idye poly will work on it. Even if it is silk that is encapsulated in this synthetic finish, you may be able to dye the synthetic finish with the Idye poly and get the color on that way.
  • The lady that custom made my dress told me that the belt is made out of silk satin. But I am having my doubts thats the case. I think it's not silk satin. I bought yesterday 2 cans of color shot instant fabric spray (tulip) brand. Do u think this will work on my belt?
  • Where can I find idye poly in fuschia or hot pink? I have looked on amazon, hobby lobby, Michael's and Walmart. No one has it.
  • The pink Idye poly is not quite hot pink. It is super bright though. I think you would be happy with it.

    The color shot will work on the belt for sure. This is a work around for anything when you can't figure out how to dye it or it won't take the dye, paint it. That is not our brand, I can't vouch for the performance, but it will work.

    If I was going to do this, I might consider dye-na-flow. It is a paint that comes in hot fuschia(JAC808) and I would spray it on with a mister bottle to get the desired brightness. This stuff is a paint, but it feels very soft like a dye. You heat set like a paint and the color is very vibrant.
  • Thank you so much for your help. I will try this.
  • can you take picture on it? I wanna see the results? I'm not convinced with just saying it. It would be nice if you post pictures also.. so we can see if its good..