can i dye 100% polyester in the washer?
  • I have a canopy that is white that i need to dye brown. Its 100% polester and it would be a whole lot easier if i can do it in the washer than the stove. Its not going to ruin the washer right?
  • Hi, I'm looking to dye an old wedding dress 50% poly/nylon for a craft project a soft pink colour but need to dye it in the washing machine as I cant get a pan big enough to accommodate a wedding dress and attached net petticoat.

    After reading the above advice I looked at the FAQ PDF for using iDye Poly in order to look up the instructions for using the dye in a washing machine.

    The FAQ says that you can't use the iDye poly in a washing machine.

    So which is correct? If you can dye in a washing machine what are the instructions?

    Thanks! :)
  • Oh dear. i deleted Celia's advice to use it in the washing machine. The washer does not get hot enough for the poly dye. The dye only becomes activated with boiling temperature. It sometimes looks good after the washer, but usually the dye rubs off on legs arms and furniture.

    Idye natural works great in the washer, the poly does not.

    Nylon can be dyed in the washer using acid dyes. That is only half the threads you would be dying though.